Cannizzo Produzioni in cooperation with Rai Cinema presents: LIPADUSA, La porta d’Europa (The Gate of Europe). The stories and faces of those people who every day deal with the migrant emergency, the first-person accounts of rescuers, those people who, in their everyday life, provide assistance to migrants. Lampedusa offers to locals, workers and volunteers alike the chance to face the reality of the migratory flows and tragedies at sea but also to see stories with a happy ending, that luckily are anything but unusual. This is a reality we see every day in the media and yet we still might know too little about it.
“Lipadusa” focuses on the issue of migration without any criticism, by telling the facts as they are.
Through the voice of doctor Pietro Bartolo, the medical officer in charge of the Health Centre of Lampedusa, the voice of the members of the Coast Guard, who live and work on the island, the voice of the volunteers of CISOM (Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps) and of the inhabitants of Lampedusa, the report shows the daily life of these unknown people who, out of self-sacrifice or by volunteering, do all they can to save lives, to give hope to those who try to reach Europe.